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03/07/2018 7:16 am

A Toy Industry Insider Relays News from the Recent New York Toy Fair

The toy industry is thriving and still growing rapidly, despite having some significant challenges before it. With ever-younger children turning to digital devices to occupy their free time, some had thought the industry was due for downsizing years ago.

In fact, the toy industry has proved to be remarkably resilient and a place where the talents of ambitious professionals are still very much in demand. The blog hosted and updated by one top toy recruiter has recently detailed some toy industry news that many will find interesting.

A Recent, Major Trade Show Highlights Some Noteworthy Developments

As with many others, the toy industry hosts a number of important trade shows each year. One of the most significant and best-attended takes place in New York City early each March or thereabouts.

At this year's New York Toy Fair, attendees remarked on a few developments that seem to presage some interesting new twists for the industry in general. Two of the more striking of these were:

A renewed interest in collectibles. Various types of collectible items have been a collective mainstay of the industry for many years. At the most recent New York Toy Fair, however, many were struck by an unusual proliferation of such items. From highly detailed figurines reflecting the latest and most popular movies to original lines dreamed up by toy makers themselves, collectibles were far more in evidence than in any recent year. With each of these new products reflecting plenty of research into the market, many believe the trend could continue for a long time to come.

Smaller toy companies step up. The perennial giants of the toy industry still hold much sway and power, but smaller companies are increasingly making their own marks, as well. It often takes more in the way of innovation and creativity to break through than in the past, and smaller, more agile toy makers sometimes deliver more than larger ones. The most recent New York Toy Fair, according to one blogger well positioned to judge, included plenty of impressive showings from companies of this scale.

Even Brighter Times to Come

With interesting developments like these and others even now reshaping the industry, there should be no need to worry about stagnation. In fact, many regard the contemporary state of the industry as one that presages plenty of positive times in the future.


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